Sublimation on Dark T-Shirts, Full Guide 2023

how to sublimate on dark shirts

Dark fabrics are tricky to print on with sublimation. So, shirts that are dark don’t show sublimation printing well. It is therefore necessary to use an under-the-base when sublimating dark shirts.  But, it’s quite exhausting. However, experts have discovered a great way for sublimating dark shirts. And, here we have talked about it in detail. … Read more

Sublimation Printer Working Guide – How to Use it

sublimation printing guide

Large-format digital printing technologies have been serving multiple markets for over thirty years. They were born in the graphics and visual communication industry.  And, over time, thanks to the evolution of inks and performance, they have also reached the textile industry. Large format plotters soon made inroads in the fabric flags and banners market, to … Read more