Sublimation on Dark T-Shirts, Full Guide 2023

how to sublimate on dark shirtsDark fabrics are tricky to print on with sublimation. So, shirts that are dark don’t show sublimation printing well. It is therefore necessary to use an under-the-base when sublimating dark shirts. 

But, it’s quite exhausting. However, experts have discovered a great way for sublimating dark shirts. And, here we have talked about it in detail.

How To Sublimate On Dark Shirts? 

In order to sublimate print on black t-shirts, you will need the following materials. 

  • Heat-transferring vinyl
  • Heat press
  • Parchment paper
  • Shirt
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Lint roller
  • A sublimation printer

You can find detailed instructions on how to sublimate a black T-shirt down below. 

  1. In the beginning, using a product design program, create the image you want on your t-shirt. And, ensure that the print quality on your printer is set to high. 
  2. When printing large images, borderless printing may be an option. Directly printing onto the sublimation film is essential. And, reflecting on the picture isn’t a good idea.
  3. Your sublimation printer must be properly loaded before you can print any image. 
  4. A sublimation paper has a glossy surface and a slightly rough surface.
    Thus, the designs are printed on a coarse matte surface instead of a polished one. They cannot hold the ink due to their inability to hold it.
  5. Using a vinyl cutter or scissors, remove excess material from the design once it has been printed.
  6. Make sure the liner is smooth by using a lint roller. The heat press should be set at 360 degrees Fahrenheit. The shirt should then be ironed for 5 seconds to remove any remaining moisture.
  7. Now, the backing must be peeled off. Once you have peeled off the backing from the transfer, place it on the shirt. It is sometimes pulled before heat sealing in order to avoid ghosting.
  8. The parchment paper should be placed on top. And, for 15 seconds, apply 30-40 pounds of pressure at 360 degrees F.
  9. Once the transfer is finished and cooled, the sublimated T-shirt can be worn.

Final Words

It is better that dark shirts are sublimated with light-colored designs. Cold water should be used to wash dark shirts. 

Also, ensure they are dried in a dryer so their color lasts for a long time. Then, make sure the Sublimation is covered with foil. 

And, while ironing, keep the heat low. Take off the foil from one corner at a time by tugging slowly. Then, after five minutes, remove it.

Sublimation on shirts should always be done with high-quality heat press vinyl. It may not be as effective and may peel off more quickly with lower brands.

 You can also download images from the internet. You can then edit the photos in your editing software and change their colors before transferring them.  And if you still are getting problems with sublimation printing, then check the basic guide for sublimation printing, maybe you’re forgetting some basic steps.

Lastly, remember that the design on your shirt should be allowed to dry overnight before it can be worn or rewashed.

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