Which printer is best Inkjet or Laser?

When we think to buy a printer, the first question arises which printer is the best inkjet or laser?

It depends on many factors which are suited for you. Like your print quality, quantity, initial cost, maintenance, etc.

Now let’s get deep into it.

What is the basic difference?

The main difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer is of cartridges used in it. Liquid ink is used in inkjet printers and for laser printers, it’s dry toner powder.

Inkjet Printer

It’s a type of printer used for printing high-quality prints in your home for family photos or portraits. Normally this type of printer sprays liquid directly on the paper in a quite simple process.

How it works:

  1. The software instructs the nozzle to where to apply dots of ink and how much quantity.
  2. Then vapor bubble of liquid ink is formed and sprayed through a nozzle on the paper.
  3. A matrix of dots forms photos, designs, and whatever you want.


  1. Print high-quality resolution pictures and photos.
  2. The initial price is low than a laser printer.
  3. Also, cartridges are cheaper in price.
  4. Best for low-volume and high-quality printing.
  5. No warm-up time is required.


  1. It takes much time to print anything.
  2. High maintenance cost.
  3. You should take a print in one week otherwise ink will jam the nozzle.

Laser Printer

A laser printer fuses toner powder on paper using a laser. It can print high-quality text with faster speed and in huge volume.

How it works:

  1. The ink used in laser printers in powder form is known as toner.
  2. The laser passes through the mirror and an image is drawn onto the drum by electric charge. The toner powder sticks on the drum.
  3. Finally, fused particles print on the paper.


  1. It has a high rate of printing.
  2. In the long run, it’s economical as low maintenance cost and high print yield per cartridge.
  3. You can print any document within seconds with this printer.
  4. Initially, toner is high priced but in long run, it is economical because their cartridges can print thousands of pages compared to inkjet printers.


  1. The price is high compared to an inkjet printer.
  2. You can’t print multi-color with it. So, only black and white is available on this printer.
  3. Simple graphics can be handled but it failed for complex and high-resolution graphics.

What is the purpose of your print?

The first time I looked for a printer for my office, I researched and finally took my decision.

In my office, a large volume of printing is the key requirement in text format.

So, I go for a laser printer.

Inkjet printers are specially designed for high-quality photos with different paper qualities.

You can memorize your past days by printing color photos as multi-color printing is also available in this type of printer.

Sometimes budget may be another factor.

A laser printer is a little bit high priced than an inkjet. It’s priced between $100 to $150 whereas inkjet is about $100.

In the case of cartridges, inkjet is lower but not economical. Per page printing cost of the laser is cheaper because of the high volume capacity.

Print Quality

Honestly speaking both printers are the same in quality in their fields.

For black & white printing laser printer is better to use. Whenever you think of a high-quality photoshoot to print always go for an inkjet printer.

A common question is always asked what I should go for a laser color printer or an inkjet printer?

From a printing quality perspective if you need a high-depth photo it’s best to choose an inkjet printer. But if your choice is medium depth and high volume printing then I suggest a laser color printer.

An inkjet printer needs timely maintenance due to the drying of liquid color. In a week you must print once.

Cartridges Type

An ink tank or ink cartridge is used in an inkjet printer. Every single tank contains a different color and when you buy cartridges it comes in a bunch of colors.

In a few milliseconds, a tiny current flows in the metal surface, and ink is vaporized in contact with a resistor. Then steam of ink passes through the nozzle onto the paper.

For laser printers, dry toner powder is used as you read earlier.

So powdered ink is pasted on paper with the effect of a laser. Monochrome printer use only black toner powder. For color laser printers four separate colors are used in the cartridges.

Print Speed

A laser printer can print at least 20 pages per minute whereas an inkjet printer is able to print 5 pages per minute. A laser printer is specially designed for your workplace. So, that’s why it is king in the case of speed of printing.

Print Output

Printer output can be defined in two ways: 1. you can determine it by monthly print volume. 2. also by printing capacity per minute. Here we will discuss both of these.

Laser printers can manage high volumes. It is able to print 2,000 to 10,000 pages per month with the power of printing 16 pages per minute (ppm).

The inkjet printer is a little bit slower. As it prints 8 to 10 pages per minute (ppm).

If you think to buy an inkjet printer, then you can print monthly 2000 to 4000 pages on average.

Print Yield

Now there is one thing in your mind what print yield is.

It’s the volume of pages that can be printed by one cartridge. Simply, a number of pages is printed by one cartridge.

Ink tank printer has that type of cartridge to print a high volume of prints. So you never need to change your cartridges from time to time.

An ink tank printer can print up to 5,000 pages. But in the case of inkjet printer number is lower to 350 pages.

Toner prints 2000 to 8000 pages. It is more economical for a buyer than an inkjet buyer.

Is the laser printer win the match?

Both printers are the same, but the laser is more economical, has a low maintenance cost, and is faster. In the case of initial cost, it’s highly-priced but better for the far future.

But inkjet is better for photos. Now, it’s your decision to choose one. Best of luck with your new printer

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